The Play Coach

Emma is not your average speaker. She spent every day of her teaching career learning from the children – having her mind blown by their curiosity, resilience and sense of humor. She now uses this experience to help adults reconnect with their inner child, giving them permission to bring play back into their life again!

Emma has a unique style to her work. As The Play Coach, she works with her audience based on where they are at right now. She customizes trainings, workshops and coaching to the individual needs of a workplace setting; engaging her audience in reflection, curiosity and wonder. She uses strategic planning to encourage growth, hold people accountable and support you along the way.

If you are looking for training using the power of play – for adults, children or both! – then Emma is the right person for you!

A note

I’m Emma and I LOVE playing! I love talking about play, sharing research and anecdotes about play, using play in my work and home life to improve the overall well-being and happiness of myself and others. PLAY is my super POWER! Play is children’s work and I believe it should be adult’s work too. Let’s be play DETECTIVES and discover the wonderFILLED world of childhood.

I have been playing in the early years childhood education sector since 2003. I love learning with 3-5yr olds using a child-led, project approach heavily influenced by Reggio Emilia, Anna Ephgrave and Peter Gray. I adore witnessing children’s brains ticking over and how simple things can cause extreme eruptions of giggles. I empower others to embrace the joy of children and observe how they lead their own learning when we the adults give them freedom and control.

I had a great network of friends to support me with my own well-being when I lived in the UK. When I moved from home to the USA, that network was considerably altered in a way I was not anticipating! I have been learning how to look after my own mental health and the discoveries I have made indicated that play is the key – not only for adults, but for children also. I’m using this knowledge, combined with my early childhood expertise, to create empowered children who are loved by empowered adults. I help adults to understand how young children learn, how to support them with their behavior challenges and bring happiness – not stress! – to their lives every single day. I also help adults to understand how their own brains work and what tools you can use to give yourself what I like to call a PLAY-life balance.

When children and adults share happy spaces together, the happiness ripples spread far and wide! The key to happiness for me is the power of play. Play joins everybody together – from all ages, races, nationalities and cultures. People just like you who are reading this right now.

Play is children’s work and I believe it should be adult’s work too.

Join me in saying YES to play!

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